StarNET Technology

StarNet NET — is the first network broadcasting telemetric data LPWA * Russia, Belarus, Poland and Finland and supporting for roaming in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, China, the Philippines.

StarNet today is:

  • StarNet LPWA - a hybrid platform several LPWA standards
  • StarNet ALLIANCE – the alliance of major IoT market players on the Eurasian continent
  • StarNet NET – a unified IoT and M2M data communication protocol
  • StarNet CHIP – APU
  • StarNet GRID – Housing and utilities standard
  • StarNet CLOUD – cloud data storage
  • StarNet SDK – application development tool
  • StarNet CERTIFICATION – certification center
  • StarNet VC – IoT-solutions start-up venture fund

Star NET advantages:

  • Over the sea coverage
  • Global roaming
  • Open hybrid platform
  • Low cost
  • The devices require rare power source replacement (once in 10 years)
  • Base stations cost is three times lower than GSM solutions
  • Signal penetration is three times higher than GSM
  • Two-way communication
  • Double data protection algorithm
  • Increased interference resistance
  • 10 times lower service cost
  • Three times smaller in size
  • 7 times less power consumption
  • Research and development know-how
  • Running IoT products development center