StarNet Thanks

Alexander Ryzhov, Professor, MSU

Star Net is an exciting technology. While all that new specifications tend to become faster, more efficient and, consequently, more expensive and more complicated, Star Net implies a new ideology of reliability, simplicity and low power consumption, thus making the IoT technology available and truly global and inclusive. This is a new paradigm of development and technological progress - without damage to the environment and to the benefit of everyone.

Leonid Mokhov, CEO NordStar Airlines

I witnessed today how the Star Net literally transforms the technosphere with its new big data approach. I know the modern world require not only need people and organizations, but also the machine for reliable communication. A single civil aircraft collects and stores 20 terabytes of information while performing flight from Moscow to Norilsk. This information is required not for the people and machines interaction but for M2M - that is, the very Internet of tings on the plane board. Protocols with low power consumption and wide coverage, such as LPWA, are the future of the Internet of Things and flight security systems and aircraft location. Good luck to the boys for their interesting case.

Sergey Ulyanov, Professor, International University of Nature, Society and Mankind “Dubna”

I am happy to have found such a young and experienced team, which has become at the origins of IoT, offering an open protocol for partners. Internet of things will soon leap into our lives, just as quietly, as mobile phones in their time. The result of the machines and computers real-time interactions will be quite different reality, capable to think independently and make decisions based on analysis of huge amounts of information. Perhaps the Internet of Things will become the Internet of Everything even before the first quantum computers. Star Net team owns all the necessary experience and expertise to create the best and safest IoT systems in the world, thus allowing all their technical partners to grow in this area and technology globally.